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Hotel Residence Apartaments Refuges in Val di Fassa Dolomites

Tourism in Val di Fassa is born with its mountains, the Dolomites in Val di Fassa, became in 2009 the UNESCO World Heritage

hotel booking val di fassa dolomitiHotel and Bed & Breakfast

The hotels in the Val di Fassa – together with the hotels of Trentino and Alto Adige – are among the best in Italy, without wishing to seem conceited or diminish other facilities in any way. This is all the result of years of hard work, research and complete dedication to tourism, which is one of the most important resources in our region as well as being, without doubt, the main source of income in the Val di Fassa. The fact that almost all of the valley's hotels are family-run concerns means that particular attention is paid to the needs of guests, to the quality of hospitality and cuisine, and to guests' comfort and well-being.

Apartments and Residences

appartamenti booking val di fassa dolomitiThe Val di Fassa can boast hundreds of apartments and residence under the heading "Other Accommodation" which is far more than many other tourist resorts. And the advantages of an apartment compared to a hotel? First of all there is the convenience of being independent and not having to follow hotel rules, such as meals at set times or other unwritten regulations. The apartments are all equipped with the necessary items that make them a home from home: these range from a more or less equipped kitchen to a bathroom complete with washing machine. What is more, if you have a large family or have organised a small group of friends, it is possible to rent large apartments that sleep up to ten or more. Apartments also have the advantage of costing slightly less than a hotel, although prices always depend on the apartment category you choose. Always find out about the services and facilities available in your choice of accommodation.

Rifugio booking val di fassa dolomitiMountains refuge

There are numerous mountain refuges waiting to welcome you in the Val di Fassa. These extremely important facilities are to be found more or less everywhere: in the easiest vales to reach, at the arrival of the uphill lifts at high altitudes and even on the most impervious and hidden peaks. Welcoming travellers into an alpine refuge restaurant or mountain refuge is the task of the manager, but it is also and above all, a great pleasure. The atmosphere you will find in the refuges is very particular: simplicity and cordial cheer. A familiar and essential environment that will immediately put you at your ease.


restaurant food val di fassa dolomitiWhen visiting a new region, you should never miss out on the chance to sample its typical flavours and traditional dishes. The Val di Fassa and more specifically, Trentino also offer the typical local specialities. Just like any other mountain area, the Val di Fassa does not grow much produce, in view of the climate – short cool summers and long winters. We must stress that the cuisine of the Val di Fassa descends from that of the Tyrol, which has strongly influenced it in view of well-known historical events. That is why we have canederli, speck, mushrooms, venison, spinach ravioli, and lucaniche (local sausages). There are many other products to be found here in the Val di Fassa which are also present in other mountain valleys of Trentino, Alto Adige or the Austrian Tyrol.



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